Help us taking donkeys to the four corners of the world

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the International Donkey Day



AEPGA, Associação para o Estudo e Protecção do Gado Asinino, has been working for over a decade to preserve the Miranda Donkey – the only Portuguese native breed of this species, which is particularly endangered – and to dignify every donkey in the country, namely by showing their gentle character, the cultural aspects related to them, and the various roles that they play so perfectly – as teachers, guides, therapists and, most importantly, as friends.

This is why we would like to invite you to celebrate the International Donkey Day with us: to remind the world of their priceless worth, not only here in Europe, where those new dimensions are being discovered, but also in developing countries, where donkeys are the main work partners of thousands of poor families who, nevertheless, seldom have the knowledge or the resources to ensure they lead healthy lives.

Last year, we have invited you to decorate your donkey ears and flaunt them with pride – and not shame, as has happened for centuries! Well, this time, we want to reinforce the challenge: go ahead and create or reinvent a proverb that addresses donkeys in a positive way – and not negative, as is the case with most Portuguese popular sayings and/or sponsor a Miranda Donkey ( ) becoming an active member in the preservation of this breed, considered a unique genetic, ecological and cultural heritage in our country.

By participating in this action – with a picture of you wearing your long ears and holding a sign with the proverb that you’ve come up with - you will be passing down the message that the donkey is a wonderful companion who deserves to live a good, healthy and happy life, and that the Miranda Donkey in particular is in need of protection.

Please join us!

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